PLanning your Lan since 2008

The Party Legend Experience

Party Legends is a team of West Yorkshire based gamers, who have been running Lan events for over 3 years. The events are run for the benefit of gamers by gamers, with the emphasis on a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere for players to frag the hell out of each other.

The Party Legends Team

Admin Team

Dawn Ashworth (Fluffy Bunny) – Office Manager

Fluffy Bunny is the Party Legends Office Manager and main contact for players and sponsors. It’s her job to keep the business running smoothly and deal with all the paperwork needed to keep us going (so we don’t have to). She can usually be seen as her alter ego “Atriana” on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 server being used as cannon fodder.

Dana Ashworth (Danish)

Dana is the junior member of the admin team and the general go-for for the team. Doesn’t play much, but makes great cups of coffee.

Player Support Team (Where to go when things donít work)

Olly Shields (HeLLmAN) – Staff Member

Olly is part of the pro gaming side of the Master PLan team.  If you're dying or crashing in game its more than likely him at the end.  Olly has been going to this LAN since around B-7 back when it was around 10 people crammed in a working mans joint.  He's very approachable and will always be happy to help with any problems you might come across.  He specialises in First Person Shooters and have still yet to be beaten at Master PLan by any challengers.  Instantly recognisable by the beanie hat.

Willam Sugden (Sugmeister) – Staff Member

Sugs is always around to help with any of your event needs.  He works closely with Fluffy to keep the events running smoothly and to just help generally with any problems.  He also ignites chickens (but don't ask about it, he gets upset).  He plays most games but spends a lot of time on the community servers so you will no doubt see or hear him around.

Jez Brook aka Northern Nutter (Emexrulsier) – Staff Member

Jez is a self-proclaimed guru of Quake, reveller of technology and loves a reet good lan.  Though he claims to be good at games, he can often be seen blowing himself up, doing laps in the wrong direction or scoring own goals and, of course, never blames it on his playing style, it is always the tech.  Jez's role at PLan will be to help organise and co-ordinate tournaments.

Jeremy Armstrong (TMM (The Man Mountain)) – Staff Member

The newest and largest member of our team.  Can generally be seen eating large naan bread and foraging in the woods shouting GANNNGGGSTTAARRRAAA, often mistaken for a Sasquatch.  Watch out for TMM's fantastic t-shirt designs

James Froude (Jax Pavin) – Staff Member

James has been a member of staff since the conception of Party Legends and is the host/compere for our LANs or as we like to call him... Cannon Fodder.  If you are playing against him in an FPS you are guaranteed plenty of kills and will usually hear him shout out 'Where the f*ck did that come from!!'.  James currently holds the fastest lap time for the challenge Mr Dave competition so he may not be able to shoot but he is a hot hand behind the virtual steering wheel.  James has recently joined up with TMM to start the Xbox side of our LAN parties.

Infrastructure Support Team

Mark Ashworth (Iamthingfish) – Infrastructure Manager

Mark is one of the old men of the company and can generally be found hiding behind the server row, keeping an eye on the servers, network switches and players scores. Holds the records for the most amount of caffeine drunk at our events and currently has the fastest time on the Top Gear Test Track Challenge.

Waqas Altaf (wax_digital) – Designer

Wax does all the graphical art work for Party Legends and is currently unbeaten on Tekken.  He's an ace on Unreal Tournament and can be seen online, bouncing around like a demented kangaroo.  Wax is taking a step up at the events now and will be part of the infrastructure team, rather than sitting with the players.  He and Mark now have a competition to see who can build the bigger parapet on the server section.

Head Sponsor


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