Run by gamers for gamers


Our goal is to have fun, provide a safe environment, and include new people. To this end, please
agree to and comply with the following rules of conduct.

Party Legends are not responsible for anything that might happen to you or your equipment. While
we will take reasonable precautions to make sure this is a safe event, you are ultimately responsible
for everything that happens here. Booking an event with Party Legends is taken as acceptance of
these terms. Non-compliance will result in you being asked to leave the event.

Party Legends have final say about everything that happens at this event. These rules are subject to
change at any time.

    1. Plug in only where you are told. Doing otherwise may lead to power outages. Do not plug into another participant’s power strip. If you are not sure where to plug in, ask a staff member. You are allowed to plug your computer and monitor into our power grid, no other devices or peripherals are allowed. THIS INCLUDES UPS. A surge suppressing power strip is required to protect your equipment from surges. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are not allowed because these drain excessive power from our power grid and will cause an outage (including UPS’s built into power strips).
    2. Keep your station clean. You are responsible for keeping your area as clean as you found it.
    3. You are responsible for having all appropriate hardware and software. You are expected to bring a working computer with a network card and legal copies of all relevant game software already installed and updated. Please do not bring a broken computer and ask us to fix it; please do not forget to bring something and expect us to provide it; please do not ask us to wait 30 minutes while you install the game and all the patches; and do not use pirated software at this event. Be sure the games you intend to play actually run well on your computer before your arrival. You must take appropriate measures to ensure your computer is free of viruses, adware, spyware, and other malicious software before arriving at the event.
    4. Headphones only, please. No speakers allowed.
    5. Keep your computer clean and legal. No inappropriate material, no exchanging of copyrighted material and no file sharing during the event. No pornography or any other offensive images are allowed on anyone’s screen, including screensavers and background images. Do not exchange MP3s or any other copyrighted files. Do not have file sharing enabled and do not run any peer-to-peer file sharing programs during the event.
    6. Smoking, weapons, drugs, and other illegal substances are not allowed.
    7. Ask for permission before touching other people’s stuff. Do not steal.
    8. Be careful of your surroundings. No horseplay, no roughhousing, no running around, no throwing things, and no malicious behaviour. Remember, this room is filled with thousands of pounds of fragile equipment and you can damage something very easily. Therefore, no wrestling matches, no affectionate tussles, no tossing disks or other objects around. Practical jokes are not funny when expensive equipment is involved. This includes but is not limited to: deliberately turning off equipment, disconnecting cabling, deliberate virus infestation or otherwise interfering with equipment that does not belong to you, etc. Obviously, violence of any kind will lead to instant ejection from the event.
    9. Play fair. Cheating ruins the fun for everyone. This includes bots, hacks, mods, cracks, strategies that exploit defects in the game, or anything else that is not strictly aboveboard.
    10. Finally, while every effort is made to ensure a safe environment for you and your system, the hosts of this event accept no liability for damage or loss occurred while participating in the event, this includes but is not limited to damage to your property (computer, car etc), virus infection, theft and personal injury.

No running, no bombing, no heavy petting

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by a player more than 14 days before an event - full refund minus a £10 admin charge.

Cancellation by a player less than 14 days before an event - 50% refund.

Cancellation by a player less than 7 days before an event - no refund.

To cancel your place, please contact or 07789 775 982

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